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Response rate

Hi all ,
My Response rate is decreasing its now 88 %. I dont know why its happening .

What should I do .I reply to all messages .I am almost online 20 hrs a d ay.Please help me

Don’t worry about it.

Mine is 83%. I respond to all messages within an hour (the Fiverr app is loud enough to wake me up when I get a message, so I answer 24/7).

It is just a buggy piece of crap.

This is a known issue and is happening to a lot of other members of the Fiverr community. I’m not really sure what causes a less than 100% rating even if you reply right away. It’s probably really buggy and needs some fixing. If it’s really bothering you, you can try to bring it to Customer Support.

thank you for replies.

This response rate is so annoying! This feature should be removed as it is not helpful. Does FIverr expect us to be online 24/7. I’m having a hard time accessing this site during the evening, (morning in the US)

Mine is also again 98% because the timer does not disappear from all orders after answering them. No magic trick seems to work either, like marking it unread and reading it again, archiving it, posting a new message and so on.

Thankfully support usually fixes it within minutes since sending a request to fix it.

But so far I haven’t seen any difference anywhere even if it’s 100% or less.

I don’t see why it’s even a feature if it’s not working fully.

Mine is 68% Now .I am thinking of sending request to customer support.