Response rate


My response rate used to be 80%. This was quite bad in my opinion, but could have been avoided had I done my research when first joining.

I checked again today and saw that my response rate dropped to 75%. Honestly, I have no clue how this happened.
I respond to every message I get within 3 hours and I haven’t missed one since I was 80%.

Is there any way to check why this happened?

I didn’t know what section this would fit under so I’ve posted it in Tips for Sellers.


Mine drops all the time and I am not sure why. I am at 92% or something now and have one message in several days. And it dropped in the time even though I responded in minutes. It’s weird.


Hi one point i used to ignore was the notification section…besides answering all messages make sure all notifications are read. Also sometimes buyers will ask questions inside the gig.

Installing the app will help keep up with all the flow of questions.


I think mines stuck around 79%. I just ignore it at this point. If you want it 100%, I think you have to answer most messages within an hour or so. But I don’t think it really impacts you too much.