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Response Rates - VERY Misleading

I understand that Fiverr implemented the Response Rate feature to help Sellers stay in touch and responsive to their buyers. However, is anyone else bothered that this means you always have to have the last word in an order or thread in order to keep a 100% response rate? Sometimes the buyer is allowed to say “Thanks!”, etc. as the last part of the thread, and a response is not needed.

I get that it’s only visible to sellers, but I still find it annoying and misleading.

You don’t need to have the last word. The system only tracks the time it takes for a seller to respond when FIRST contacted by a user.

I think it’s a great tool (in theory)

Mine dropped when I didn’t respond to a scam email but it’s a great idea. I would say it would mean you’d be getting responses from sellers that otherwise may have ignored you. Plus the new drop down express responses are great (not that I’ve set them up yet lol) and make it fast and easy to send responses even if you’re not able to do the work and so forth.