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Response Rates?

So I woke yesterday to find that my response rate had dropped from 100% to 86% to 75%. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if this is something that is common place. I always respond to my messages within 24 (Checking my Fiverr inbox is the 1st thing I do during the day ha-ha), and so I find it surprising that my response rate would drop so low.

So is this normal? Does anyone here have this problem? Is it a bug, or is it something with the way the system calculates response rates?

It’s a bug. Happens to me too every week. Contacting support and asking them to update the rate is the only solution, I believe.

It is inaccurate anyway. I have my phone switched on at all times. I have never taken more than 2 hours to respond to a message (even in the middle of the night), and my response rate is 60%.

It’s bugged beyond redemption, no matter how many times we complain, nothing is done about it, only way is to bug CS every time or just ignore it like I and many others do, in the scheme of things it really doesn’t mean much, it’s just a pointless stat in the end :slight_smile:

It’s definitely a pointless stat. After some experimentation, I’ve decided to err on the side of caution and I have a 94% rate. I missed one message this weekend, from someone who wanted to know how much I cost. NO REGRETS. While others say the feature is bugged, mine isn’t as far as I can tell.

Best advice I got? Spend an hour making templates. Use them. Your conversion will drop, but your rate will be awesome like mine. Only the first response matters. In March I’m planning to experiment by custom ordering each and every offer that comes in and treating it like I’m a newbie virgin bidder on other freelance sites. I predict my conversions will shoot up, as will my prices.

Anyway, don’t worry about that pointless metric.

I’ve seen a similar thing happen with my response rate. I always am very fast to reply to every message (even the really pointless ones), but my rate hovers somewhere around 85% most of the time. It’s currently 92%. I have no explanation for why I wouldn’t have a 100% rate, so I have to assume there’s something amiss in the system.

Based on your experiences, how long has this problem been around on Fiverr?

Since response rate was implemented not long ago. One of the causes is the response timer not disappearing from some messages, and sometimes even orders are showing a response timer even though there is nothing there that would require a response.

But often it’s something else that I haven’t yet figured out.

I have had messages arrive that I have not been able to reply to because it says ‘because of privacy issues you are not able to contact this person’ or something similar. I think this has affected my response rating too. Seems a little harsh to me.