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Response time 3 hour what should I do?

I got a message in my sleeping time. After waking up, I responded that message and my response time dropped to 3 hours from 1 hour. Will It effect to getting an order or new buyer message? What can I do now?


Same thing happened to me I got a message in my sleep and it went to 7 hours however what I did was just wait for more messages and I think that’s the only thing you can do to improve it . This is what I personally did but there may be a better way .

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I faced the same problem, everyone help, please

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It might not matter all that much. There are sellers with thousands of reviews that have a 3 hour response time (though maybe response time matters less for those who already have lots of reviews and more for those without any). Just send new replies as fast as possible after receiving first messages if you want it to shorten, and sending offers to buyer requests might increase the chance of receiving messages.


Response time will only start dropping after 24 hours of not responding from buyer’s first message. So, you either slept more than 24 hours, or you missed buyer’s message even before that.


So what? What’s so bad about a 3-hour response time? People have to sleep, you know. As a buyer I don’t mind waiting a few hours to get a well written reply. I expect people to work business hours, not stay online and awake 24/7…

Stop getting stuck up on some minor stats. That goes for reviews, response time, cancellations, everything. It’s just a number on a website.


Are you using Fiverr app or keeping your PC on?

Because I noticed people mentioning they have their response time prolonged and I do not understand how and why it is happening to you but not to me.

So, I do not have Fiverr app and I turn of my PC when I am not working.
My average response time is one hour which is true and not true in a way. I always respond immediately after I start working and I open Fiverr and check and read the messages but the messages were received 4-6-8-10 hours ago.

Sample: 3 days ago I was done with my work and went to slept. the very moment I turned of my computer I got message from a client. I only saw it 9 hours later and I replied when I logged in. Any my response time is still 1 hour.

So my logic is that the response time depends on are you online when the message arrives. if you are not online the timing doesn’t count until you are online.

So if you are using mobile app or some tricks to create illusion that you are always online you are hurting your response time.

But maybe this is only happening to me.


I don’t think it matters that much. A lot of buyers don’t even check out your profile or even your response time. After all, they can judge your response time by how fast you respond to their messages.
I worked with sellers who have 3-4 hours average response time. And they responded to me in less than 10 minutes.
So that’s just numbers.


I answer ALL messages immediately. Day or night. As a Pro freelancer, it’s my commitment to not keep clients or potential clients waiting.

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Why? And how do you achieve this if you are sleeping and the message comes?

If I get hungry and I go to the local store at 6PM Sunday I will remain hungry - because the store is closed.
Commitment is one thing, but to not have working hours just because you are a freelancer in my opinion is wrong. What kind of client can not wait? And why would I want to work with someone who doesn’t want to wait?
Logos can not be created in 5 minutes. Research, colors, typography, target audience, usage, branding… takes time.


No. That is response RATE not response time; it is response ‘rate’ that only declines after not responding for 24 hours.

Response ‘time’, on the other hand, is based on the average length of time taken to respond to all messages. That decreases or increases constantly–unrelated to 24-hour periods. :slight_smile:


GIG rank also depends on response time with many other factors. If buyers able to find your gig and they be agreed to contact you in spite of your delayed average response time, then it will not be a problem.
But most of people serious about their time. In this case, some people may not agree to contact.
Most importantly, your response rate becomes high.
Think by yourself opposite side, why it becomes?
1. Buyers have contact you, but you were unable to receive order. Someone else received those orders by earlier contact.
You have lost your order, so response time becomes higher.
In this case, it is a problem for getting an order. If it will happen with you continuously, absolutely it will be a problem for getting order.

Try to replay as soon as possible quickly (instantly) of upcoming messages.
In this way, you will get order and your average response time will become low.

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Thank you all for giving me suggestion. I was tensed. Because I get message once a week.

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No. Response time drop if I respond first message after one hour.

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I use both. But I do not keep using internet 24 hours.

lovely advice…

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Your words are tough. As you say you never sleep…
:smirk: :smirk: