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Response Time - 8 hrs


Hey - first post!

I have a question/concern about my response time. During waking hours (I live in Canada) I respond within an hour, without fail - I have the Fiverr app and emails and I have my phone on me at all times. One night around 12:00 am my time, a message showed up in my inbox from a buyer whose time zone is 2 hours ahead of mine, and now my response time is stuck at 8 hours, which looks bad, quite frankly.

Am I missing something? Surely Fiverr doesn’t expect you to stay awake and respond to messages 24/7 when its a global service? How can I change my response time?


Not much you can do - we’re all in different time zones, so it affects us all.

Just respond as quickly as you can - it only starts to count agaubst you when you take more than 24 hours to respond I think.


What is your current response rate? My response rate recently dropped to 95% and I cannot find one message I did not respond to? :thinking: If your response rate is still good, maybe the 8 hours won’t be a problem.


Buyers don’t typically think to look at your response rate; unless that buyer is also a seller.

I wouldn’t worry too much. I’ve never been deterred from buying based on response time. I only look at last delivery (review) - if it was over a month ago, that may deter me.


There is a bug in the response rate so contact customer support about it and they can reset it for you.


A few months ago although I response all messages and order within 1 hour, my response rate goes down from100% to 90% or 95% suddenly. I think there should be bug. @misscrystalis right, please contact to cs.


It happens on Delivery Percentage as well.
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