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Response time and rate

Hello everyone, I’m new here on fiverr and I just want a little more explanation on response time because my response time is 100% and 3 hours, so I was wondering if I reply to my next message early whether it can reduce my response time to an hour or two.

You probably need to know how many messages you’ve received (the 1st from each buyer) and replied to within the last 60 days and their response time (the response time for each of those messages) to answer that, which you could calculate by looking at your last messages.

But you should respond as fast as possible if you want it to change to 1 or 2 hours average but just replying to 1 message fast enough might not be enough, but you could check your existing response times for that.

Though it’s not all that important. ie. response time is not used in the evaluation.

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Thank you. This was really helpful

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