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Response time at the dashboard

I have 8 hours of average response time even i reply instantly.
3 time i late reply after 8 hours but generally i reply in an hour but why my response time is not increasing

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I assume you mean why isn’t it decreasing (so it’s lower than 8 hours). It’s based on whatever the responses were (when they were sent compared to the original message) for the first messages in the last 60 days. If any quick responses go out of the 60 day window and more late responses are now in the 60 day window that could be one reason.

Ideally Fiverr would show which messages it’s based on and their response time to allow you to more easily see that info/check it. Otherwise it’s going to be harder to check (you could click on each message you received in the last 60 days and check the times you replied and check the calculation). If you think the value is incorrect you could contact CS to have them check/fix it.