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Response time average of 30 days? I think not


Really Fiverr???

my average response time has been under an hour for a while.

am I required to respond to a new order also? if that’s included in response time then I may be guilty of not responding immediately once or twice since I just got done with the conversation in messages…

I’m very confused how I can go from average response time under an hour for 2 months, and overnight it’s 23 hours. (I checked all recent messages, and see nothing under an hour.)

From the front end, when I just clicked on your contact button, it shows your response time as 1 hour. :slightly_smiling_face:


ok, thank you! I’ll stop freaking out then, lol

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Um, David, I’m seeing 2 days response time. :grimacing:

OK, ok, obvs I’m yanking your tail chain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look

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Ha Ha HA! I decidedly do NOT “like” your joke @nikavoice :japanese_ogre:

this is why we we need more reactions to a post than “like” or “flag” :woman_in_lotus_position:


I’m a jokster! :wink:

Yeah. I think it would be awesome to have different expressions. Maybe you can add it to the Forum Feedback . :smiley:


yeaaah… I’m pretty sure fiverr is super busy with all of their site “improvements” I don’t want to distract them with the idea of making changes to the forum.

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