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Response time calculation

So somebody contacted me on the chat, and for some reason Fiverr marked it as spam. I only noticed that I had a conversation in the spam folder a few weeks after it was sent to me. It wasn’t actually spam, so I took it out of the spam folder and responded. And that was a terrible idea. Since it didn’t notify me of the message and put it in spam, I responded after 2 weeks, which made my average response time 87 hours instead of 1 hour. So I see this as a bug - replying to something mistakenly listed as spam late, because it didn’t notify you, shouldn’t hurt your response time.
And no, I can’t fix this by responding faster to the next messages to lower the average - who will hire me if I have 87 hours response time?
And if you can’t fix it for all cases, can you at least make this chat not count in my average? This ruins me on Fiverr…


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I have to ask: were you getting orders at a good rate before this instance? If not, then no, it’s won’t ruin you. It’s based on a 60 day average, so this one will not affect you after two months. That’s hardly ‘ruin’ when you only have one rated order after 6 months on the site.



If you think it’s a bug because it had initially marked it as spam (where that normally says it doesn’t affect your response rate) you could contact CS about it and see if they’ll fix it/fix the response rate.

There are sellers who have 4 day response times and have around 180 reviews though it isn’t shown if they got those before their response time was that amount.

If you want to shorten the response time without going to CS, sending offers to buyer requests is probably the best way of increasing the chance of getting messages you could respond to, and creating another gig in a different subcategory will probably help get more requests and chances of orders.