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Response time challenges - newer seller

Hi Folks,

I recently completed my first gig and earned five stars, which I am thrilled by. However, it has been three weeks since with no other orders.

That’s not my concern though.

I am very conscious of going online all day and signing off at night because I try to be responsive within minutes when I am on. That said, I have received four messages total, two of which were over seas in the middle the of my night, and now my gig response time is around eight hours because of this. This doesn’t seem fair to ding people like this when they are sleeping. I really wish Fiverr would have two categories- response time when logged on versus response time aggregate.

That would help sellers who, you know, sleep, or sleep in one weekend day.

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This is inevitable. You’re always going to have buyers from the opposite side of the world contacting you when you’re asleep. The response time is not extremely important as it is not taken into consideration for any of your performance metrics which decide your seller level or your gig’s rank (not that I know of). The response rate, on the other hand, is very important as it is a performance metric that affects your seller level.

So, while it is good to have as low of a response time as possible, there’s no need to wake up in the middle of the night just to respond to messages so that your response time stays at 1 hour (lowest response time attainable). What’s more important is that you respond to the first message you receive from first time prospective buyers within 24 hours as that’s what is used to calculate your response rate (an important performance metric).


Thanks for sounding off on this. I feel much better. I was more concerned with the potential buyer optics, but it makes sense that the other elements are weighted and this one isn’t.



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