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Response time decrease

any One please guide me
For the first time, my time response time was one hour
now It’s been 6 hours
Someone tell me what to do now
and I have no idea how did all this happen to?

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Check that you’ve replied to all messages. I expect you did not reply as quickly to one of the messages.

I give every answer But 3 days ago I miss a message and it has been happening ever since now what I do for solution sir?

You can’t do anything. But it will get better…

‘Average response time’ is exactly that. Your average response time over the last 30 (or 60) days.

Keep replying quickly and it will steadily improve.

This happened to me 2 months ago. My ART was 60 hours. Now it’s back to 1 hour.

Just reply quickly and the average will change.