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Response time decreased during pandemic

Does fiverr have anything in place to help those who weren’t available during the pandemic’s initial impact and couldn’t respond to messages? My response time went down and I don’t want to be demoted.


I don’t think Fiverr has any measures or things in place that can help Fiverr sellers like you and me. For me, i would try my best to respond as fast as possible and downloading the Fiverr app on mobile is a great way to do it. Take care!


Yes they do, it’s called “out of the office” feature that you can turn on when you are not available.
However now it’s too late and that response rate will stay for another 60 days unless you’ll improve it.


@gregnesbit I don’t think so!

Thanks! I had so many other things going on…Deaths, Work, Kids, Food Shortage you name it. The last thing I was doing was checking on fiverr gigs.

You could use “out of the office” feature but now nothing to do but stay online and response next messages quickly. Best of luck. Hope everything will be alright.