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Response Time Demotion

Just wanted to chat to other individuals about Fiverr’s response time algorithm. It has clearly changed as I lasted around a year and a half without being DEMOTED over a late response and now, recently, without knowing the new rules, I had 2 messages slightly over 24 hours and i was demoted an entire level (one was actually a guy harassing me but I had put off reporting him as i was busy with orders and wasn’t sure what to do).

I was a level 2 seller with a perfect rating across completion and timely delivery, with a continual 5-star rating, and now I am back at level 1 over these two replies. Over a year and a half of hard work taken from me in one foul swoop, from something so trivial as a late reply. I mean, sure penalize our ratings for being late sure, but a full DEMOTION for it??

My current issue (and why I am currently livid as %$#$) is that NO ONE at fiverr can answer this for me:
I bounced back from this drop and finally hit 90% again just last week. So I felt good about getting back to level 2 hopefully in the near future. But then just this weekend it has dropped to 88% again?? And i have DEFINITELY not had a late reply. Why can no one answer this for me?? And when they do reply all they say is “you dropped a level because you had 2 late messages” but no one can tell me why it has happened again this weekend?? They never read the thread they always just reply with answers that don’t it the question.

I am just so fed up. The sellers are also constantly hurt my fiverr’s rules and buyers get away with murder. Case in point: I had a guy order the same thing three times by mistake. The only way fiverr could fix it was to label it as a cancelled order and unfortunately they “won’t be able to stop it going against my cancellation stats”. FOR A BUYERS MISTAKE??!!

That’s super frustrating! I’m sorry to hear that you got demoted over it. Fiverr is typically pretty tight-lipped when it comes to their proprietary algorithms, but as far as I can tell, I think they look at either a 30- or 60-day window when calculating your percentages. So, say you had 20 messages over that period, and two were late, that would drop you to 90%. As new messages come in, older messages pass out of that 30- or 60-day window, and your percentage is recalculated. The thing that remains a mystery (although maybe someone on here knows) is what the threshold is for a “late” response? 6 hours? 12 hours? 18 hours?

I don’t know if you’ve done it already, but I use Quick Responses and the Fiverr mobile app to make sure that I reply right away whenever I get a message. Even a quick note like “Hi, thanks for getting in touch with me. I’m away from my computer right now, but I’ll get back to you soon” will help prevent late messages even if you can’t talk right then.

Best of luck!


Sadly, Fiverr requires constant attention. I have the Fiverr app on my phone, I’m checking Fiverr to see if anyone has messaged me. I check it before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up.

The good news is that if you respond a message from Whoever, you don’t have to respond anymore messages from that person if you don’t want to, if he’s harassing you.

If it’s spam, say you’re not interested, and that counts as a response. Or you can report the spam.

You ain’t kidding. I had a guy place a $30 order. The next day, I get a message that the order was cancelled by Fiverr, and my order completion rate goes down to 93%. I can’t even communicate with the client because apparently he’s no longer on Fiverr.

I complain to customer service and they tell me this:


We have been listening to all of your feedback about Order Completion statistics and appreciate your time and effort sharing your opinions with us. We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. Currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this may be updated.

Please note that as any other marketplace, cancellations will inevitably happen as long as you get more requests for your services sold on Fiverr.

We encourage you to keep performing at your best level so that they can be updated in no time.

We are here for you if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Fine! I get it, cancellations happen, but this time I didn’t cancel on my client, this time Fiverr cancelled the order. Maybe my client was a crook, maybe he had fake accounts, maybe he broke the rules, but I’m the one that ends being punished, and if my order completion rate had fallen to 89%, I would end up demoted.



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Who’s going to give me back the 1% I lost? I was at 94%, now I’m 93%. Is it my fault? I didn’t refund that order, Fiverr did, so why am I being punished?

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Thanks cosmic re the quick responses. I’d never really looked into them before but I will surely do now.

Fastcopy – my continual line is always “Why am I being punished?” on here. It seems set up so that sellers pay the price for everything that goes down.

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Exactly! Sometimes I feel Fiverr takes us sellers for granted. Like we’re a bunch of beggars, while the buyers are the masters of the universe. Yet where would these buyers be without sellers?

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If you’re asking me, all I can say is this:

On who is going to give you the 1% back I suppose it depends on how you look at it. Fiverr isn’t like to, so the answer is either you are, some more buyers are, or a combination of you and the buyers. I’d really call it a combo. The only way I know of the raise stats is to get more orders.

As to why you are “being punished” and whether it’s your fault, I have no idea. That’s not my wheelhouse. You can talk about it on the forum but I doubt it’s going to change one thing.

Yes, I accept that things aren’t the way I want them to be. I just don’t see the point, Fiverr makes a lot of changes, and do I benefit? Do I know anyone that has benefited? Nope, not a single person.

I think some of the changes have been beneficial and others have not been beneficial to either sellers, buyers or anyone (depending on which change.) I’m not going to elaborate because it would be off topic to go much further and I think we’ve been here before. I respectfully disagree with your broad statement but respectfully agree with part of what you are trying to say.