Response Time High For Some Reason?


I usually respond within minutes of my messages and my response time has recently gone from 90% (which is insane as is) to 80% out of nowhere. why is the response times so flawed? I also haven’t had a gig in a month until today which is rough because i was pumping out good work almost daily.


When I mine went down and I had answered all of my messages I contacted CS. It took two times, but they did tell me when I had replied past the 24 hour window to a message. (It was over Christmas.



Are you getting spam messages that you aren’t replying to? I always reply to those even if it’s just the word “SPAM” then flag & report. I shouldn’t have to do this but I noticed with just flagging & reporting without replying to spammage affected my stats.


Actually I have faced so many times for this kind of situations.
Once the CS said those spam messages will not affected to stats but it does…


Exactly! So, to avoid any issues, I’ve been replying to spam. Right, now my RR is at :100:% woot-woot! :sunglasses:


May be the spam messages are dangers. So be careful with your account.
Also do not violate any Fiverr TOS when replying to them.


I have responded to everyone since the one they pointed out I missed at Christmas and my response rate is still at 98%? :thinking:


It wouldn’t hurt to send CS a message to ask what’s going on. When things were off, I requested they take a look at my account, CS did a reset on numerous occasions.


its maybe daily avg.