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Response time hour decreased

my response is 7 hours before 4 days and I got some order. after 4 days my response hour is 4 hours and I don’t get any order after that what it mean’s.?


As far as I understood your response time improved from 7 to 4 hours.

What exactly do you want to overcome?


before 4 days it is 7 hour after 4 days it is decerased to 4 hour it is good or bad

i don,t getting order after 4 days and the response time is decreased 7-4 hour that is i am asked

It means you respond to first inbox message in 4 hours in average now and it tells Buyers how soon they could expect your answer to their message.

4 hours response time is better than 7 hours for Buyers so yes, it is better for you.

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I think that it shows my activeness in fivver , Thanks blavaro