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Response time increase

Hello I’m new in fiverr. I got a message from a buyer while I was sleeping after that my response time decreased a lot.How to recover this

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I am wondering the same thing! Also a newbie.

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increased or decreased ?

And keep your response rate within 1hours!

it will come back again :slight_smile:


Thanks for notifying can you please tell me after how many msg it will be fine again??

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Within 30-60 Days

Or after 10-15 responses


I’m new in fiverr don’t have that much responses yet those are very less .It ll take a long time :frowning:

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Response time is counted for 30 days. So always try to response as soon as possible.

It calculated for 30 days,


Use Fiverr Mobile Applications :roll_eyes:

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use fiverr mobile app … and try to give quickly respond it is important for your Fiverr profile and NEW order.

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Fiverr mobile app is cool! Anywhere, anytime

try to response early to use mobile app. Also, don’t worry about this. It will increase automatically, if you reply faster to other messages.

Same problem here. I don’t know how many days it will take to recover.

actually, it’s a problem of different time zone. Most of them contacted in the midnight for an eastern(Asian/Indian) seller. So using mobile app is an alternative to get in touch with ur customers.

Just wait for some time and keep responding fast response rate will be back again

Hi dude, Use Fiver Mobile App that would be better for this.