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Response time is 1 hour but showing 9 hours in public view



Help ! My response time (avg) is 1 hour but as you can see in public it showing 9 hours. I dont know if its a bug but help me. What can I do about it?


It will change with time. Just continue with the good work and make sales!


I am not getting sells because of it , when people see the response time is like hell long they wont place orders


Response Rate (%) and Response Time (hrs) are two different things, your Response Rate (%) is not shown publicly, only your Response Time.

Definition courtesy of the Seller Help Center:

response rate (what percentage of inbox messages you reply to within twenty four hours) as well as your response time (how quickly you respond to a new request in your inbox). Replying within 24 hours is necessary for your response to be tracked. Response time is based on the last 30 days of a seller’s activity and tracks the amount of time it takes for a seller to respond when first contacted by a user.


I suppose the only thing you can do to get a better response time showing is to reply as fast as possible while you’re awake (phone app when you’re not at home) to make up for messages you get while you’re asleep. You obviously can’t/shouldn’t respond to messages at night, so you’d have to respond to enough messages during day after only minutes and not hours to make up for that if you want a 1 hour response time.

That said, your RT doesn’t influence your level evaluation or anything (unlike your RR) and I can’t imagine it’s the reason, or at least the main reason for not getting orders, unless only people who are much in a hurry look at your gig.
If I as a buyer would look at a seller’s profile on an international platform and saw 9 hours response time, I’d assume that’s an average number and not bad, because the seller possibly needs to sleep sometimes.
If buyers, however, pay much attention to that number, they may have noticed that other sellers have 1 hour RT (and then hopefully get to the conclusion that they usually reply within 1 hour while they are awake we’ve had quite a few sellers telling stories of buyers getting impatient in their inbox at night because “it said 1 hour response time” :wink: ).

So, taking that into account, it could be a reason, so do what you can, like setting up “quick replies” for cases when you can’t right away look at files or write a long reply, like “Thank you for for contacting me, I’ll check your files and will get back to you soon” and such.

Then of course, RT and RR can be buggy sometimes too, so if with the definition of RT as given above, you’re sure 9 hours can’t be correct, you could ask support about it.


Thank you very much Mila . that was really helpful . But stupid of me I dont even know how to tell support about this bug


You mean how to contact support? Not so stupid, it’s a bit harder to find than it used to be.

Click your profile pic on the main site,
click “Help” from the pop-up menu,
scroll down, click “Seller Help Center”,
scroll down (first read/use search to find any existing articles that might answer your question so you don’t even need to spend time on contacting support, depending on the case),
where it says “Do you still have questions?” click the “Contact Us” button,
fill out and send a ticket.

(From personal experience - it’s best to write the text offline in Word or something and paste it, as it could happen that you find out that you need to choose something else from the drop-downs after you already typed in your message, and the message then might disappear…)


thank you very much milla for being helpful and nice. I reported the bug to support . Thank you again :blush: :