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Response time issue from fiverr

How many of my fellows facing the issue of low response time while you’re responding on time.
Let me know and best of luck with further work.


I just looked at your response time, and it is one hour! You cannot get any better than that. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, if you mean response rate, that is different. It is based on how many messages you get that you respond to within 24 hours in the last 60 days.

To keep it at 100 percent, you need to respond to every message within 24 hours. That means even the spam messages that Fiverr says will not count against you. So if you get a spam message and Fiverr says it was spam and will not count against you, :roll_eyes: don’t believe it. Unmark it as spam and answer with a short message such as “No, thank you.” or even a (.), and then mark it as spam again.


Then why my respond time is negative and below the 90%. It should be 100%

You are getting response time and response rate mixed up.

Your response time is one hour. Your response rate is “below 90%.”

Once when I was new my rate was at 40%. I did not understand that I had to answer messages within 24 hours. I also did not understand that I had to reply to spam messages within 24 hours too.

Have you replied to all spam messages, even though Fiverr says you do not have to?

Have you checked back through all of your messages to make sure you replied to everyone within 24 hours?


My response time is negative. No average response time is 12 hours

Do you mean so? You can improve it by answering every message you get quickly. But remember you do have 24 hours to respond and Fiverr gives you time to get a good night’s sleep. My response time is one hour and I sleep 9 hours every night and have my computer on between 12to 14 hours hours a day

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This article may help answer your questions.

Thank you for your such important reply, yes i read spam message which i deleted.

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