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Response Time jumping up

My response time has jumped up to 5 hours from 1. I went back and checked every message in the past 60 days that are the first response to a new inbox message from a new Buyer. The times are 3, 6, 8, 18, 2, and 2 minutes. I have no unread messages in Spam.

How does that equate to a response time of 5 hours?

If you’ve checked every message in the last 60 days (including any spam you replied to) and it’s definitely not correct then contacting CS to have them check and fix it is probably best if you want it shown correctly. It could be a bug.

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Nevermind; I’m an idiot. Most recent message came in the day of a funeral and I didn’t respond til the next day. A few of the others were from repeat buyers, not new buyers, so those times wouldn’t count. So, the average is being pulled up by that one funeral message. Ugh. Gotta hit buyers with instant responses to bring that back down…

Arrrrgggg, don’t let that take away your sleep. I’ve seen my response time go up to 8 hours, due to sellers spamming me while I’m asleep, and it hasn’t affected buyers contacting me or placing orders.

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No worries. My gig is pretty niche. As you can see, I get less than 10 responses over 60 days, so even if they all came in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t be seriously impacted. :wink: