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Response Time rating has worsened instead of improving

I need some help. I was recently evaluated for my response time to buyers on Fiverr. I started to work on my response time by viewing my account every day and even sending more offers than usual. I do not understand how my response time rating has worsened from 5days to over a week. How did this happen? I don’t understand what is happening?


Response rate is how fast you response to a buyer within a day.
I don’t know how you can work with your response rate.
Try to reply early when buyer knocks.

How Many Fast you response your buyer…

-Always Install Fiverr app in your mobile…
And always active …
I hope its gone soon when you fast reply your buyers…


mehedi_h_mahmud, thank you for your response. However, I respond very quickly to buyers, I might not necessarily be the first, but I am on every day for hours except on weekends, when I may be on for a few hours. But I am constantly checking for clients. It is not even time for my evaluation as yet which is Jan. 14, 2021. Something is definately wrong.

Try to check your inbox, maybe there are some msgs to which you haven’t replied, that could be the reason.

Thanks mjaninea, but I have been checking my messages everyday and there are no messages there let alone messages that I have not responded to.

Thanks ashiqraazz for your response. I do have fiverr app installed on my mobile and do check regularly. I am always active.