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Response Time Ridiculousness

Hi, Fiverr friends. I’m hoping some of you can help shed some light on a situation I’ve encountered. A few weeks ago, my 100% response time dropped to 98%. I found it to be strange considering I am always diligent to respond to every message as soon as possible- and I couldn’t find any non-responsed messaged in my Inbox. A few days later, it dropped to 93%. Again, I saw no “non-responded” messages in my Inbox and grew concerned. I contacted Fiver support. They told me there were apparently three spam messages I hadn’t responded to/marked as spam in a timely manner. I was surprised spam messages were counting against my stats, considering I have indeed responded to 100% of my legitimate messages. Rules are rules, I understand. But, I’m confused and wonder if something is wrong with my app. Support provided a list of the three spam messages, but my app and Inbox never alerted me to them. I don’t understand- as I’ve obviously had no problem receiving notifications for legit inquiries. Secondly, how much does your response rate affect new sales coming in? I have seen a few posts saying it doesn’t affect your sales and the stat is simply for your own information. However, since the drop to 93%, I have encountered a massive decrease in both sales and inquiries. In the months leading up to it, I was getting multiple sales per day. Since then, I’ve been squeezing by with two or three per week- and those are all from repeat customers and none from new clients. I have a perfect 5.0 rating, and my order completion and delivery rate are both 100%. The only thing that has changed is the response time stat. What has your experience been? Thanks!

My experience basically is that while some things seem to be linked, you can never know for sure, as it as well might just be coincidence and our human minds try to find patterns where sometimes none are.

As I see it, the only things you can do if support won’t acknowledge that your rate shouldn’t suffer because of spam messages you had no real chance of even seeing, is

  • hope the situation will improve, once those unanswered messages “drop off the radar” after the usual time frame (if that was the reason for the drop in orders, it should, after all)
  • try getting some sales “from outside” until your response rate is back on track and/or you’re getting more sales again
  • try to avoid that situation from occurring again - after CS pointed those messages out, could you locate them in your spam folder or even in the normal folder? If so, you could make it a habit to check that spam folder once every 24 hours or whenever you check other messages (which, of course, is annoying and another few seconds out of each day going to stuff that shouldn’t be necessary but if it indeed affects your sales so much, probably worth it) / scroll down your normal folder to check if you really reacted to everything before you log out for the day.