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Response time very week in my fiverr account

How to can bring response time 1 hour in Fiverr.

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Respond to any first message form a buyer on average within an hour (or rounded to an hour, eg. an average of 1.4 hours should still show as 1 hour).

It doesn’t show your response time on your profile (though it does half way through the gig) so I assume you haven’t responded to any new first messages in the last 60 days, so maybe if you responded to just one in about an hour it might be shown as 1 hour in the profile.

If you get messages at times when you’re not available try to respond to messages when you are available fast enough to bring the average down enough. Also sending offers to buyer requests might increase the chances of receiving messages that you could then respond to quickly enough.

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Thanks, I’m happy for your information.

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