Response Time


Hello everybody, how are you? I am a level 2 seller here and have some awesome SMM & SEO related gigs. I always used to respond the buyers as soon as possible, and I think my average response time is less than 30 minutes. Now my profile shows 1 hour responsiveness. I wish I had 0 (zero) hours responsiveness!!!

Is it possible?

Is there anybody who has it?

Is 0 (zero) hours response time available in the fiverr databases?

Please let me know if have you any helpful information about it.

I would like to request the wise & experts to respond here. Thanks.

Sincerely Yours

Rajdwip Kabiraj



Not long ago mine jumped from 2 hours to 12 days overnight !

CS would not change it back and suggested I try getting back to folks quicker!

Quicker than 12 days? Duh. I’m logged into Fiverr minimum of 14 hours a day and refresh it every hour or so, often more.

12 days was absurd and my history proves that. Then one morning, it was back at 2 hours!

Sorry to hear it happened to you. At least now I feel better knowing I’m not totally crazy! :slight_smile: