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Response times + Your day job


I think my day job is getting in the way of me getting buyers and making sales. I work from 2pm-10:30 pm so this results in my response time being 19 hours.
I’m unable to use my phone to respond during work unless I am specifically on break.

Does anyone else have this issue? How do you juggle being a part time freelancer and working a full time job?


I think that in many ways, the Fiverr response times are unrealistic. On the app my response time is marked in red, even though it is at 4 hours. With a global website I think 4 hours is a phenomenal response time. I sleep for 8 hours a day!


Your profile states that you’re a student?

You could try mentioning in your profile that you’re a student who’s also working full time, and inform your buyers when you’re available to talk/work.


Yeah, I wish they could remove it. It’s particularly stressful because it makes me look like I ignore people but I don’t I’m just working! :frowning:


When there are so many people offering similar gigs, buyers need a way to differentiate. If you can’t see it in the quality of work, then you start to look for other metrics, such as response time. It doesn’t do a seller justice.