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Response to buyer 1 star review

I receive order from a buyer new on fiverr,he send me screenshot and said make same thing i made it but he want a revision i gave him 5 revision because every time he send me new screen shot and at the end he accepted my order but gave me 1star review please guide me what should i write in hi response


That’s not how it looks like from your client review :woman_shrugging:
From your client review t seems that he sent you multiples examples of how he wanted to see it and not to make a new version each time for each picture. From his review it seems like you totally didn’t understand his requirements to be honest

None of us knows real side of a story so it’s up to you to write your response of what happened there.


Dont worry about that, Keep good work & try to active all time. Youll get more Order soon. :hearts:


Yes i am online about 15 hours a day my impression and clicks are also increasing


:white_check_mark: keep it up


That’s just luck.

Just because you are online, that doesn’t mean you will get more clicks and impressions.


The evidence in your own portfolio talks very loudly…

Look at the first image. It contains three spelling / branding errors… and there are only 21 words! So one in every seven words is incorrect.

If your portfolio, which is meant to showcase your best work, contains this many errors, then it’s not surprising that your buyer complained.


Thanks sir for guiding me,i will improve it

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Ignore it. Keep going.

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The video on one of your gigs says “contact me before you orde”. You must know it should say “contact me before you ORDER”. It’s not a complex word, and I actually know you can write it properly. How do I know?

You wrote it correctly on your first post here.

So, how can we explain that you write better on a forum (that doesn’t matter at all) than on your own storefront, trying to get clients? How can that happen? Did you make the video in 30 seconds, and not even checked it once? You don’t watch a 30 second video that is going to represent you before exporting? How is that possible? Why?

Can you explain? Because it looks like an extremely unprofessional gig set up in a minute, with no care for quality whatsoever. What goes on in your mind when you are setting up a gig?

The simple answer is: you don’t care. At all. You make anything just to put it up, as quickly as possible, with no quality control, and expect to get clients. You won’t, and the ones you get will give you bad reviews if that’s your attitude.

Btw, I also have no sympathy for that buyer, tbh. You order a gig like that, idk what else you can expect.

Unfortunately that’s more than half the sellers here…

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