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Response to :The description contains illegal characters

I was experiencing issues trying to post a new gig on Fiverr and I kept getting " [The description contains illegal characters" message.

I tried removing text, quotation marks, hyphens, spaces and nothing helped so I googled it and came across other Fiverr users who had the same issues back in 2017 and 2018.

Anyway, I copied my gig text and pasted it into Notepad and then deleted my Fiverr gig text.

Next, I copied the text from Notepad and re.pasted it back into Fiverr and BINGO - all was hunky dory.

It would be a lot easier if the geeks at Fiverr issued warnings or reasons as to why we get these messages and it would be even better if they posted solutions to them.

Anyway - I hope this will help someone out in future who experiences the same problems.

Best wishes to all who read this and good luck to those that need it.

Stay safe’n’happy out there!

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Are you using “Tab” in your description?

Hi -

No, I didn’t use “Tab” at all.

I was not looking for help with the OP but was offering a bit af advice as to how I overcame the said issue, and hopefully that could help someone else.

The reason I created a new post was because I could not reply in the original forum. Hope that makes sense :wink: