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Response/Turn Around Time?

New seller here!

I only have completed two gigs thus far, but have two quick questions…

  1. Despite responding to messages very quickly (typically within the hour), and delivering my product within 24 hours (with both gigs)… my response time on my profile still says “2 Days on Average”. Why is this? It’s a bit of a bummer as I am very accessible and available, and I don’t like thinking I am missing out on work because I don’t seem super active based on that false statistic.

  2. The buyer from my second gig never responded after I sent him his product. He also never gave me a review. He just disappeared. My gig page originally said I had had “2 Buyers”, but now it’s back down to one. Any idea why? Is it because this guy never reviewed me?

    Thanks for the help!
  1. The response time is based on a 30 day average (hover over the number on your profile page). You’ve been on Fiverr for 19 days so and it looks to me like your responsiveness is N/A (you haven’t been on Fiverr for 30 days yet).
  2. From my experience so far after about 100 orders, about 20% of buyers don’t respond to the delivery or leave a review. The gig page only shows the number of buyers who left a review.

Well, sometimes there are bugs as well.

My average response time is 12 hours now. I don’t know how it’s calculated, but let’s assume it’s on an hourly basis. E.g. If the seller responded within 1 hour to a message = 1 hour response time. If the seller responded within 5 hour to a message = 5 hour response time.

Now, the arithmetic average would be 5+1/2=3.

I have my phone everywhere with me and whenever I get a message notification, order update notification I respond in the next 5 minutes.

While I sleep, and I do get messages… I respond in like 3-4 hours.

However, my average response time is 12 hours. Which is just impossible… anyone from the tech support can take a look and do the math for the last 30 days. It’s not an easy task to sum up hundreds of entries, but still…

What I do believe, is that the Fiverr app on some devices might be bugged.

I might be wrong, but my average response time is definitely not 12 hours.


It takes about 48 hours for you account get updated once you submit/provide your work…

take care,

"it only counts the initial response to the first message received per user."

That makes a lot of sense, thanks for posting. I always have my phone on me and so usually respond to messages within minutes, but always worry when I get a message in the middle of the night when I don’t wake up for 4 or 5 hours. Fortunately my response time has always been at 1 hour so I haven’t worried about it TOO much!

What about those that have a different timezone (like Asia) from the buyer? I usually receive messages and orders late at night (12mn-4am) which by that time, I am asleep. My responsiveness time is now 10 hours (it used to be 1 hour because I did stay late at night the first few days I created my account with Fiverr) and that worries me. I respond to messages right away once I’m awake (I check Fiverr first thing in the morning!). I wonder if there’s a way/system that would be helpful for us sellers on different timezones.

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