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Responses to a blog article request


I needed a blogger to write a few articles about Divi and Wordpress. Since new sellers are always complaining that they don’t get a chance I figured I’ll try the buyer requests section once more.

The job description was very basic. I mentioned the topics because if you don’t know anything about Wordpress then it would be rather difficult to write about it. I also said that I would pay around $15/700 words for starters so I knew I won’t get TRS, but without knowing the quality I don’t wish to invest too much. Maybe this was my mistake who knows.

I received 55 offers during 24 hours and here are some of the samples. I’m sharing these to show newbies that they don’t really have a competition if you bother to write a semi-decent offer :slight_smile:
Just to be clear, these offers should show you what not to do.

Don’t oversell it
Be realistic in your response, we’re not looking for a superman. Focus on a specific niche, don’t claim to be an expert on every topic and I’m not looking for a lifetime partner :wink: Just tell me if you can write on the topics I listed for you and maybe show me an example.

Offer #6: I have what it takes to be your lifetime passionate writer on any kind of topic(s)

Don’t force me to hire you
I like a confident seller, but there’s no need for caps. It’s an instant turnoff for me, it’s like yelling.

Offer #13: Contact me now, and let me give your work a professional touch. CONTACT ME NOW!!!

Be realistic in your pricing
Low prices often lead to low quality. Give me a realistic price. This one here is not.

Offer #15: 7000 words for $20

Simple Hello will do
Stop using Sir/Mam, Dear etc. Especially if you don’t know if I’m a male or a female :stuck_out_tongue:

Offer #17: Hello Sir/Mam
Offer #35: hello ma’am…

Put some effort into your offer
Here’s an offer that made me laugh. It’s bold to write only 4 words, but that mistake blew his chances :slight_smile:

Offer #7: When can i start?

Enough with the copyscape
I expect your article to be unique. I don’t need copyscape to approve it so mentioning it makes no difference to me. If I don’t trust you then I won’t hire you.

Offer #48: Your content will pass copyscape 100%.
Offer #47: I will write 100% unique plagiarism free articles for you

Unlimited revisions
Why? I don’t have time for unlimited revisions. If you can’t get it right with 1-2 revisions then we’re not a good match and we’re just wasting each others time.

Offer #42: I will provide you unlimited revisions untill you are completely satisfied

No stock photos, please :slight_smile:
You have a chance to pick any photo. Why are you picking stock photos? It’s not you on the photo, why should I care about someone else sitting behind a computer :slight_smile: Or why should I care about some old typewriter or hands on a keyboard?

I posted it under ranting pot because at the end of it I didn’t find a single seller. I wasted about an hour to go through these, but I blame myself because I should have looked for a seller myself. Hopefully this will show to some of the new writers that it isn’t that hard to get an order if you’re good at what you do. You’re competing against templates and sellers who can’t even write their offer without mistakes :wink:

PS. I found a writer from a different platform, so I don’t need offers :slight_smile:
If you’re a writer, just follow these quick tips and you’ll be fine.

Using buyers requests for the first time - The generic responses are disappointing

Ah, buyer requests. It is literally like a scene out of the Walking Dead sometimes. Emaciated arms flying through cage bars grasping for buyers…

I think your points should be pinned somewhere for new sellers to take note of.

The only thing is, you also have buyers who choose these sellers just to get a bargain. That’s why I’ve never been able to spend more than a couple of days on BR. I can write a great offer but many buyers will just pass in favor of people who can’t even spell their own name because they are priced $10 cheaper.

Tis a curious world we live in.


That has to be true, because when I see that a seller makes 10+ mistakes in 200 words then how come they have completed 100+ orders with 5star average. Most likely the buyers didn’t spot those mistakes or ordered simply based on the price.


I have a friend that calls Buyer Requests “The Dark Side.” :rofl:
When can I start! :joy:



I think she meant like in Star Wars?


Spot on! :slightly_smiling_face:

I keep expecting Darth Vadar to appear…


I always wondered what type of responses were submitted by other Fiverr sellers. After seeing your offer, I thought it was a case study or something like that. As there were around 30 offers already submitted to the request, I decided to go informal and ask if you were still hiring. Do let me know if my response was unique or if it could have lead to a possible business relationship.


Offer #6: The ass-kissing approach.

Offer #13: The aggressive approach

Offer #15: The Hail-Mary approach

Offer #17/#35: The overly-polite approach

Offer #7: The overconfident approach

Offer #48/#47: The infomercial approach

Offer #42: The overly-compliant approach


This is one of those things I’ve never understood when I see copywriters on this site guaranteeing that their work is plagiarism-free. Now, I’m no expert on marketing (I’m probably the opposite), but it would seem to me that “plagiarism” is the last word you want in a potential client’s head and it should be kept as far away from your description as possible.


Exactly :slight_smile:
For me it indicates that you’re probably spinning articles and using copyscape to make sure you don’t get caught.
Besides, copyscape isn’t a very effective tool to use anyway. It has its limitations on what it can check.


If Lord Vader was to appear at Buyer’s Requests, I’d hang out there all the time!
Too bad he is far, far away…


I actually use Copyscape, Grammarly and other tools to check my work. I use them because a lot of the material I am contracted for has already inundated the market. I may think of a new way to word something but come to find out, it’s been flagged for plagiarism. Just a little extra for my peace of mind… not really the client’s but mine.


I thought Grammarly had a plagiarism checker? Do you used the paid version of Copyscape?


I don’t mind if writers use that to check their work. You wish to provide the best quality to your clients so it’s normal to use tools that will help you accomplish it.

However, personally I did find it annoying when multiple sellers repeated that their work will pass copyscape like it’s a key selling point. I want original and high quality content that is easy to read. What tools writers use to accomplish that isn’t much of a concern for me :slight_smile:


It may be that sellers put that on their offer because so many of the Buyer Requests state that the writing must pass Copyscape. :thinking:


To be honest I don’t know what’s the logic behind it. It’s probably not even a big deal, but when I get multiple responses with the same text it gets to my nerves :smiley:

If a seller doesn’t trust the buyer then they will check copyscape anyway.


Hello vickie
Premium version of Grammarly has plagiarism checker not free one but it is useless as @uxreview said these checkers have their own limitations but I also run my work through Copyscape for assuring that content is unique. :grinning:


I understand about Grammarly’s plagiarism checker, but I was wondering if the free version of Copyscape has an adequate plagiarism checker.

I proofread and some of my clients want their work to be plagiarism free. One client had 78% plagiarism according to Grammarly!


In Copyscape Premium version you can check if your content is plagiarism free or not but not in the free version.

But I am sure if you would check that file in Copyscape you would find 90% plagiarism in that file. Grammarly Plagiarism checker is little weird. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keeping the post in its context I think we can discuss plagiarism softwares some other time. :grinning: