Responses to buyers' requests


Hi all,

I am new to Fiverr. How do you find on the website buyer’s requests that you could respond to? Is there something I am overlooking? I didn’t find this option anywhere on the website.

Would someone guide me, please? thanks a lot and good luck to everyone!


which one which you use to access this site, desktop or smarthphone?


Desktop is what I’m using.


have you created a gig?


I did. Would you check if the gigs are showing? Still trying to play around with the interface, but I don’t see anywhere a buyer’s request I can respond to.


if you just created your gigs, they probably not appearing. I have searched your username and found nothing. it took a week for my gigs to appear on the listing. but this is not the problem.

on the homepage, click the “mihailena”, beside your profile picture, a drop down menu should appear. then, click the “selling” and click the “buyer requests”.

as you have created your gig, you should be able to respond all the buyer requests, but you could only respond for 10 requests a day.


thank you so very much. I was able to respond to few offers.

There are only about 16 offers though. Are they sorted by relevance? Can I preview other offers or that’s all for the day?


they are all the requests which you could respond if you are a new seller.

after you become level 1 seller, there will be much more requests which you could respond, but still limited to respond for 10 requests.

it would be good if you respond for the latest offer, as you will have a bigger chance to be awarded with the job.

I hope my answer could help you.


Thank you very much.