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Restrict Account

Hi everyone
I have a question any chance of account recover after account restrict temporary?
please help and guide

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You have contact CS regarding matter.

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I contact with CS they says just wait .your account is under review.
I have complete access on my account but i can not send buyer requests or received any messages and all my GIGS is denied :frowning:

Yes, you have to wait for their response.


Don’t worry it’s a normal review @ayesha0345

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In how many days Fiverr review is complete?or account is recover?any chnace for account recover??

why your account get restricted?check your email and share what happened to that?

It’s not a normal review. It means that she broke rules at least 2 times and fiverr now looking into that issue.


When I first open my account in fiverr I couldn’t make any post in the forum, When I visit my forum profile it showed that my account was restricted without doing anything, as a beginner I didn’t even touch anything unlawful, from that perspective I made that comment. @mariashtelle1

You did the mistake first so you have to wait. You are not able to do anything right now because as we know that Fiverr is very strict about their rules

Hey ayesha your account is open now ??

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@ayesha0345 hi, did you get your account uplifted???