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Restrict the modification requests?

Restrict the modification requests? A little while back I had a buyer(They are also a seller too, which makes this even worse.) abuse the modification requests. I won’t name names, but they didn’t get their way so they kept requesting modification asking me to provide things for the service that are impossible to do in a less than 12 hours time period and especially not for just a few orders. They were able to request modification over 5 times(which leads me to belive there is no restrictions.) where eventually I ended up sending them a mutual cancellation as they were expecting me to do things my service can’t provide since they apparently didn’t do research ahead of time on what they were ordering. It wasn’t worth the effort to get in a fight for a tiny order. However, I feel bad as I imagine this particular buyer is doing this not just with me but other sellers too and getting tons of free service out of it. The greed of some people is just terrible.

I figure something as simple as after three modifications they have a choice to give either a negative or positive feedback and that’s that. It gives too much power to the buyer, essentially. Something they really shouldn’t have for things as low as five bucks. Thoughts?

Some sellers offer unlimited revisions, which they couldn’t do if the modification requests were automatically restricted to three.

Maybe an option could be added: when creating gigs, we either leave modifications to “unlimited”, or choose a number from a drop-down menu like we choose the number of days for delivery. The numbers would start from zero, suggesting the seller offers no revisions.

This could also be added to the search parameters then, so the buyers could search for sellers offering unlimited revisions, or for sellers offering up to 3 revisions, or whatever it is they need.

Once the buyer reaches the limit of modifications the seller is offering for that gig, he would have a choice to leave feedback or just mark the order as complete, but he/she could no longer request modifications.

Reply to @catwriter: I don’t understand why anyone would offer unlimited revisions on a $5 or even a $10 order. Maybe on an order with a fairly large extra ordered!

That could work, too. I just don’t like that occasionally I get buyers that abuse it trying to force me and I imagine other sellers to do more work than the gig states or make wild claims due to their lack of understanding of what they ordered. I don’t mind offering up at least a few modifications for some of my services, but the fact they have the ability to request endless modifications to postpone the completion of the order in an attempt to abuse the system needs to be fixed to at least have the option to choose the amount of revisions like your stated.

Reply to @freelancemm: I don’t understand sellers who truly offer unlimited revisions either, but some do, and if that’s what they want to offer, they should have the ability to do so.

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Reply to @catwriter: Definitely a good point. It just seems silly, though! haha

I think that the customer is always right and the seller must do revisions. Any seller that refuses to do extra revisions, in my humble opinion, is lazy and shouldn’t be in business.

Wow, I knew that this was gonna be amusing.

Reply to @kjblynx: I take it that you think that I’m a lying dirtbag. Wrong.

Reply to @kjblynx:
Good. :smiley: