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hi fiverr community,
my account is currently restricted because i was trying to cahnge my phone number…1 digit was miss placed…i tried to many times(stupid me :stuck_out_tongue:) now its saying you can change your number after 48hours…but the thing is i got my fist oder on and its still need to be deliverd…can anyone tell me when i deliver my oder…can buyer review about me? because my gig is stoped too…and i verify my number after 48hours will fiverr remove restrictions?

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Have you contacted support already?

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nope…should i wait for 48hours?

Well yes, it’s always a safe thing to do. I mean, what can you do at this moment really?

yes i just email them…do you have any idea how long does it takes fiver tech to reply?

No, sorry I don’t. Good luck man!