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Restricted please help

I was restricted today from using fiverr due to Id verification,
Will i still be able to use my account again?
If yes, please is there a time frame for the restriction.


If your account is restricted, then Fiverr support must have contacted you with further details about the reasoning why. If it is an account ID verification issue, then it will most likely remain restricted until the issue is properly resolved.


Use the SEARCH icon in the upper right hand corner of the page here and do a search for the keywords - ID verification failed. You will literally have 100’s of posts about this and how others managed to fix things.


Thanks a lot for the info

Thanks a lot, I will do that right away.

Re Submit your ID, Passport, or Driving licence image which is clear to pass the ID verification then only you can use your account.

Thank you all for your advice, my account has been restored.

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It may be helpful to explain what you did to get your account restored?

Did you contact customer service or what were the steps you went through? This would help others who face this issue in the future.



If your account ever gets restricted due to ID Verification, do not panic, all you have to do is contact the customer service through email, telling them the issue you encounter. The C.S would contact you, carefully read the instructions.
Do not resend multiple times.
NOTE: a good phone with a bright camera is highly needed.


How long did the process take ? as I’m facing the same issue right now

Did it affect profile reviews and the level ?

My issue was resolved in less than 24hours
I hope yours get resolved.

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When your issue is resolved, your account would still be intact, it doesn’t affect your level

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Thank you so much your reply means a lot. Its been 24 hours now and I’m waiting for a response.

Have you contacted the customer service?

Yes I did, She said she’ll get back to me. But its been 24 hours since then

Okay, then you have to be patient

No response yet, should I submit another ticket ?

When you reached out to the CS did you get any email from them which has a ticket number?
If yes, then there isn’t any need to send it again.
Also check your message box with the phone line you used to sign up your account if you received any message from them.

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Hello, Thank you so much for being very supportive. I got a notification saying my ID was verified few minutes ago. I didn’t have to submit anything again. I was stressed because of this issue all these days, thank you once again for all the support and I wish you all the best.

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