Restriction of animated PNG


If you read recommendations for images of your gig, then you’ll find : “Files must be in JPEG, JPG, PNG • 3 file limit.” . That is all. Nothing stated about animation on your images which you can add in PNG format. And obviously animated image looks better than normal and have better conversion. And it easier to make than video. So I’ve ordered good looking aPNG from great seller who have had animated images on his gig too. Problem is - after about one week all gigs with animated PNG were suspended by Mod, reason for that was “images can’t be gifs” , but they are obviously not gifs, but PNG. Seller from whom I’ve ordered have his gig image changed to not animated version as well. I think this was somehow unreasonable, as nowhere in rules was stated what you can’t animate your images (?). And moreover you even can add videos to the gig, so why not? Hm…


They should probably change the rules to no animated images. I didn’t know about animated .PNG images and apparently neither did they.

It’s obvious why they don’t allow them. It would look awful if everyone used them on a page.


You can choose to play a video on a page on gigs, animated GIFs/PNGs play constantly.

If you’re not sure why they’re not allowed, have a search on Google for:
animated gif epilepsy


You can’t have animation in PNG, only GIF images do.


Yep - you can! :wink:


Fiverr doesn’t want to cause this to happen:


Well found MissC! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, obviously ordinary gifs or aPNGs can’t cause epilepsy. This is exceptional case. If someone want to see example of gig images I’m talking about, then you can find in search seller I’ve bought from (negiservice) he still have animations in portfolio. They even can’t be considered gifs as there is only one image.

Though I agree - if everyone used animated images and moreover badly animated and very fast, then it can look annoying. But as with videos most of the people are too lazy to do something more than find random images in google.

BTW I’ve seen animated gig image on old seller with more than 100 reviews. It seems Fiverr started forbid such images only recently, maybe it was because of seller I’m talking about, because he become popular fast.


Stationary PNGs/GIFs are harmless, but animated ones can bring on seizures in epilepsy sufferers.

Regardless, they’re not allowed - good luck! :sunny:


+100 :heart::smiley:


A video will play when user will click the play button, but animated images are not. Just trying to imagine a dozen of video playing on the same time at the homepage, I feel dizzy :dizzy_face:.
A mentionable reply from a forum user :slight_smile:


Tried Animated image few days ago,got warning immediately. I believe its for animated image.
But i am not completely sure