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RESTRICTIONS on all gigs

i want to find out when fiverr lifts the restrictions on all gigs, its been over 70 days for me since i have faced gig disappearing issue, every single gig of mine was moved at the end somewhere. Its been 70 days, i had sales, positive reviews, no late orders, no cancellations. But still no luck, gigs dont move at all, they remain on last page. Not sure why did this affect on every gig. I had 1 cancellation 70 days ago from CS but then later got compensated, thats what caused the gigs to disappear, i dont get why it didnt just affect 1 gig instead of all.
Does anyone have any knowledge about this? My main gig with 13k+ reviews is thrown to last page, 100s of gigs are above me who got 0 reviews, i dont know what the comparison is here. Is this how they treat Senior sellers now?


It is because the Fiverr market is always changing with new offers and demands from the clients. You need to always stay on par with the market here on Fiverr :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

i have always been up to date with the market and clients demand. There is no reason to throw senior sellers to last page. No buyer will ever go to page 100th to find me

In my opinion, the reason is hidden in many bad reviews, which can be seen in your profile (they were published 2-3 months ago and we can only guess about secret reviews). One cancelation couldn’t cause it. If you have good stats now, you will be back to the front soon.
As in all cases here, Fiverr takes the last 60 days into account.
In my case, it took from January 21 (when I was moved to the end of the list) to April 9 to recover my positions (at that time I had 100-100-98 stats).
Fiverr pays a lot of attention to the performance of the seller, and you never know when it hits you, but according to what I see on the forum, they never do it without a reason.

Yes, if you show the lack of performance, they send you to the end of the list (all of your gigs).


There were 100s of positive as well compared to negative ones, that shouldnt be the reason to throw every single gig to last page.
i think it was that 1 cancellation because i checked straight after and all my gigs were gone.
getting few negative doesnt mean its lack of performance, they should check every order to decide this.
ok so i should wait and keep the performance good for now?


All gigs? You have 2 active gigs, one of them with no reviews.


i had 15 gigs active before from atleast 6 7 different categories
paused all as i didnt get single sales in last 70 days

I’m sorry this happened to you. I see how well you’ve done here. We all experience this at some time probably. Hoping it improves for you.

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its ok not your fault, yes i hope it improves as its been a long time now :confused:
any advise you could give for this?


I wish I had some for you. It’s happened to me too and after a while it corrected itself and I have no idea why either one happened.

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hmmm, lets hope it gets resolved asap.
What i dont understand is that why all the gigs were affected :confused:

I only have four gigs right now and all of them are total winners that have done well for many years but for a while only one was getting sales, for a long time, now three of them are. So no ideas why it happens. The one that has been disappeared has never gotten one bad review in 7 years.

They use an automated system that sends you to the end when you cross an invisible line of performance. The main disadvantage (in my opinion) is the fact that conditions are the same for sellers with 10 and 100 orders per month.

If your stats are good now, everything will be back to normal very soon. I know more than a dozen users here, who managed to recover after this issue.
However, those who only claim that Fiverr is wrong (I’m not talking about you) and change nothing, still getting many bad reviews or postponing orders, will be at the end of the list.

This is a really harmful action because using the Out of the Office mode and pausing your gigs seriously hurts your stats.
In one of the answers from CS, I was told that they don’t want to see inactive sellers and poor performing gigs:

For example, we don’t want to show Gigs that are not active, sellers who are on vacation, etc. We’re weighing a multitude of factors for these tests, and not just one specific aspect of a Gig.

Constantly active seller here who never goes out of office with perfect stats, and top performing gigs, and it happened to me too.

So there are other things that can do it. Although it’s no question that if you are not active for some reason it’s going to happen.

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No doubt! I was talking about the case of the author of this topic because he mentioned pausing other gigs.
From my experience, even one angry buyer can ruin my stats for several weeks. It can be clearly seen in the analytics chart. As soon as they leave the secret review, my stats fall for a dozen of days.


to be honest my performance was very good as all stats were 100 or 99% with 4.9 ratings. Not a single stat went in Red zone.
ok its been over 70 days, i have been making sure that everything remains 100% now
i have kept the main gig active, rest were not main gigs, but i will active them asap if thats what you are recommending.

it could be anything, i was reading this another topic regarding ID verification. This seller said he had no cancellation or bad feedback but his ranked gig went to last page straight after he verified his ID.
Not sure why they doing this, how would that make you improve anything? sellers with 0 reviews and orders are above me right now

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You never know the reason, but something triggers this thing.
It would be great if Fiverr decided to make these conditions public, but they are afraid of search manipulations. I think they won’t disclose this information, or at least not now.

I think you are referring to a relatively new seller, who was absent for almost a year and then decided to come back waiting for immediate orders. In addition, new sellers are always given a boost in the beginning. In a while, Fiverr returns them to a normal position in search.
Every case is different, and it’s hard to tell what was the exact reason.

I do hope that you will overcome this issue very soon.


I search for you yes your gig is not showing on search. Try to change your gig title, tags, pricing, description, images and try to Contact Cs hope the will solve your problem best of luck! :slight_smile:

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yes i already have changed everything, thats why i paused other gigs and kept main gig active and updated everything on it