Result of tweaking the tags of a gig


Just a little real life example and probably some food for thoughts.
On the graphic you see the effect that tweaking your tags can have on your gig’s impressions.


Great tip! How do you decide what to change in your tags?

Thanks for sharing the advice!


Some research and trial and error. As you can see the result is measurable very fast.


i will try this


I want to add one thing . Recently i have asked from the buyer how you find me " he said I searched for " Wordpress Blog " you were at the top so in this way i have found you . then i get to know keywords still works because i have used that keyword in my gig " So i hope that help you or others


Of course the keywords should match the gig. Also looking what works and then fine tuning it.


Hi, it doesn’t show the number of views? It is just random. As we make any change in metadata, It lifts the graph up but on the next day, its almost same.


It shows the impressions as this is what I chose to display as you can see in the graph. This is what tags are about: getting impressions to the targeted audience. The next step is to tweak the gig in a way that the targeted audience actually clicks on the gig to view it.


Great suggestion. Thanks


Thank you for sharing. Very interesting, and definitely worth looking into.


can you see different search result between you and other? i am seeing different. if i search (wordpress) my gigs always on top recommendation but when i log out and search again i can’t see my gigs anywhere.


Actually I only look at the numbers in my stats. I’m not concerned about getting orders. But however, I look what works and tweak it from time to time.


Great idea. I am also in favour of this. I tell you a problem… I have a database website gig. In the past whenever me or some one try to search “database website” my gig was on top. But after some times i checked the search it was not in the search result. I contact fiver and told them that despit i have not changed the tags or anything else in the gig my gig is disappeared from search. They said the search is not depending on tags but its a dynamic alterations. I just left the discussion because they don’t have sence. Please guide me why my gig is not being searched using tag words?