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Resume critique, writing help, organizing your calendar

Hi everyone,

I just established my Fiverr gigs.

If you need help with finding a job, I am your girl. I have helped many people get a job in my area. I sat on the hiring panel before and I am heavily involved with the career centre. I am throughly familiar with tips and trips to make employers want you!

If you need help with writing, I am also your person! I am able to edit and proofread your essays for you. Keep in mind that I believe in skill development in a person. This means I will offer you with feedbacks where you can continue to improve on your writing. This is not a “hire someone to do my homework” kind of gig.

Are you swamped with things that needs to be done? I love being organized and being busy. Send me what you need to do during the week and the time it needs to get it done. I will organize them into a daily calendar for you!

Thank you for checking them out!

Best of luck,