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Resume examples - advice needed

Hi there. I was asked by a prospective client for examples of resumes and LI profiles I have done. I don’t feel comfortable sending those along to him based on the amount of individual information in each. This seems different to me than the other examples of work that I provide. What have you done in a similar situation? And what are your thoughts on the issue overall? Thank you!

Hi. :slight_smile: I would definitely not pass on any resumes/files I did for other clients. If you even feel like you need to justify yourself before a buyer who asks for such, the ToS has you covered: "Sellers further confirm that whatever information they receive from the buyer, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the work to the buyer. "

A LI profile is a bit different, I suppose, in a way, as it’s, kind of, public domain, though, yet, a buyer might not want anyone else than you to know that you did their LI profile, unless you asked them if it’s okay to share it with potential clients.

In short, if any client asks for such samples, I tell them that’s not possible due to privacy reasons (and maybe add they probably would not want me to share their files either, sometimes people don’t really think of it from that side and then suddenly understand why it’s not okay). If they don’t want to hire me then, their loss.


Thanks so much! That’s a huge help!

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I used to do background checks as a gig, so of course, I couldn’t provide real samples. i think clients understood that, but they wanted to see what the documents looked like and see if I was effective at formatting the info and providing complete info. I created a set of samples using celebrity identities that would have been public knowledge and I changed vital stats like addresses to obvious substitutes like 123 Main Street.

You could do the same thing with resumes and either use celebrities with known resumes or just make up names like “John Doe” but show your talent at creating a resume. It might satisfy buyers if you had a few.

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