Resuming logo designing work @ fiverr


I used to get 10+ orders a day and then i had to quit work because of my studies

Now that i have resumed my work i can’t seem to get any exposure on fiverr…

Any advices?

Here’s the link :-


I recently came back from vacation and found the same thing. What I would suggest is actually completing orders slowly and steadily rather than as quickly as possible (unless of course the buyer ordered something to be done expressly). I have noticed that when I have active jobs in my queue, customers are not only more likely to buy, but they are also more likely to add on the “Extra Fast” to move their order to the top of my queue. It’s not a guarantee, but just something I’ve noticed that may work for you! Just leave 1-2 jobs in your queue at a minimum daily for as long as you can manage to do so without missing deadlines. Good luck!


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Think about ways you can promote your gigs and get more traffic to them.

Edit each gig slightly. Do this weekly.

Check your keyword tags compared to the top competitors gigs that come up on top in search.

Find websites where you can promote your gigs with links.




I guess just be patient. Everyone hits a slump specially after specially so after a hiatus from fiverr. Just make sure to do the same great work for your new orders as you’ve done in the past and it will be just a matter of time before you’re up to your neck in orders again.


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Best of luck (y)


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I do make improvements/changes to my gig atleast once a week . If you know of any place where i can promote my logo designing service please let me know.