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Retention of sellers

How does Fiverr as a company ensure against sellers running off with buyers and not using fiverr again?

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Have you read Fiverr’s terms of service? Everything you need to know is in there.

But to help you, Fiverr forbids nearly all communication outside of the platform (there are very limited circumstances where external communication is allowed).

You cannot exchange email addresses, phone numbers, ■■■■■ addresses, etc - they are all banned. If you try to exchange such info, Fiverr will more than likely detect such an attempt and you will receive a warning. A few warnings and you are likely to be suspended form the platform.

That’s how Fiverr ensures against sellers running off with buyers.

EDIT: Even mentioning the brand in the forum of a well known video and audio conferencing app is enough to provoke action!

Thank you for your input…

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Ty soooo much. I am neither a seller nor buyer. Just curious about how the company stays in business and whether I would like to invest!