Return buyer always request to modify work, repeatedly


I’m relatively new seller. So returning buyer is a big thing for me. The only problem I have is that, she always tell me that she needs it within 2-3days and it’s urgent. I worked on it, deliver within 12hours. But she took another 12 (or later) hours to get back to me for the changes. In the end, I always get my delivery sent out late because she asked for modification. Will it affect my ratings/ SEO results when my delivery is always late?


Strange, I was just reading this topic -


I’m pretty sure this is not a new scam. lol


I meant that Fiverr is now perhaps resetting the timer to 24 hours (Or your original delivery time) every time the buyer uses the request modification button. So, you should not be going late.


If that’s the case, I applaud them. I never liked the timer going late after mod request. Good stuff.


I am really looking forward to that.

@glitchfool totally. It really itches me when I get that big ‘late’ sign when it’s not even my fault.