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Return customers


Since joining Fiverr about a week ago, I have already had lots of return customers on my writing Gigs. They have left me very positive feedback and seem to keep coming back with more orders, which I’m so happy about!

Is this really the key to making your name on Fiverr? I’d be very interested to hear other users’ experiences about the value of return customers to building up your reputation on Fiverr.

Take a look at my Gig if you like!


@jimmcgovern15 I don’t profess to be an expert, but judging from your reviews it seems like you have a good handle on it.

I think return customers are one piece, as is exceptional and consistent customer service, forum outreach, and well-designed gigs.

I think you’ll do fine :smiley:


I’m a writer here on Fiverr as well and I’d say about 60% of my work is repeat buyers. Some of them order several per week, others do maybe one a month.

New clients are also great though because they often turn into repeat buyers!


Repeat buyers are excellent, I have a large amount of repeat business.


Thanks guys :slight_smile: It is lovely to get repeat business! It’s basically your customers saying: "The work you did for me was so fantastic, I’m going to keep coming back for more!"

It gives me a very nice feeling when customers return :slight_smile:


Repeat buyers is how I got more orders in the early months. I still have a large amount of returning customers but my feedback has helped to bring in more newer ones too.