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Returning buyer in analytics

Does Fiverr analytics show the percentage of returning buyers?
I didn’t find anything like it but would love to see how many return and what new buyer revenue and returning buyer revenue comparison looks like. :slight_smile:


That would be nice, however, I have not seen it on my Analytics page. :thinking:


This is a good suggestion for fiverr.:+1:

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Yeah. Maybe we can make a Christmas wish :blush:
I love that it says net to the client if they are returning or not. But this would be a really cool tool to see how well do.

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In the Earnings page you can export your orders for a particular year to a CSV file which gets emailed to you. The exported CSV file includes the buyer’s user name on each line. Maybe it could be worked out by processing the CSV files with an app or spreadsheet. Though it would be a lot simpler if it was added to the analytics page.


It never occurred to me to ask my friend to do some of her excel magic on my files. I hope Fiverr still puts something like it in the statistics but this is an awesome idea. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I also want to know about that!