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Returning buyer leaves 4 stars after 100% satisfaction and service


I don’t know what to do with this buyer. He is always comes with new projects and after everything done very well he’s leaving 4 star reviews and the next day he is coming back. :frowning: he made my best selling gig 5 stars to 4.8 and my seller stars to 4.9 any suggestions ?


What about the feedback he left? Is it detailed?


Good working with the seller. Will work again - 1

Satisfied with the work. Will come with more work - 2


I’d Just ask him what I could to do to make him completely satisfied.

Word it as looking for constructive criticism, because you are.
Just don;t put them on the spot.


I had asked him in the previous order but no luck


Well, then sometimes you need to put them on the spot, too.
Depends on your rapport.
“Hey mate, I appreciate all the business, but you know that those ratings saying you wouldn’t work with me again are going to put me out of business.” Sometimes is needed.


thank you boss ! will try in this way


Just be careful, you saying that’s nearing the line of crossing the TOS. I don’t think it crosses it, but it’s close.


I don’t want to get hurt :frowning: I’ll let it go then, Really dissapointed about this after hard working


There’s a solution to everything. 99.9% of buyers are reasonable and if they hurt you they likely don’t even realize it. People have become used to being in “the cynical internet”. So they rate like they are used to. Imagine if YouTube required videos to maintain a 90% approval rating Yowza!. And the stars, I don’t think, are represented to buyers in a way that anything seems to matter to them other than the main rating.


Don’t try to push the buyer to change the review or you can get in trouble, keep working for next 5 stars and forget about it!