Returning Buyers Turning Into Nightmares


I was just curious, has anyone had to deal with returning buyers who have been wonderful suddenly turning into complete nightmares? Over the past 2 months, I’ve actually had 2 returning buyers, who I’ve worked with for close to a year, completely make a 180 and get aggressive and just become a nightmare to deal with. And in both cases it was because the buyer messed up and make a simple mistake. I would stay professional and still try to work with them, especially considering our work relationship of close to a year, but both buyers escalated their issues straight to Customer Service. Didn’t care what I had to say at all.

After getting CS involved, I did have one buyer apologize to me, but in my mind it was way too late. Getting aggressive and angry with me because you didn’t check your order page for your delivery isn’t my fault. I would expect a returning buyer of close to 1 year to know how the system works by now. Did Fiverr’s interface change for them all of a sudden? I’m just really curious because it’s just weird seeing this happen all of a sudden. Has anyone else ever dealt with this because this seems like stuff that new buyers pull.


The length of your relationship with your buyer is the root cause of this unexpected behavior as THEIR expectation is the vice versa of your thoughts about their knowledge in the functionalities of this site. Taking another for granted.


There have been some minor interface change here and there, but no reason for your buyer to be aggressive. I’m sure everyone’s faced this issue.


I’ve had 100% of my returning buyers be incredibly nice. Not sure why this happened to you.


I’m not sure I follow you. So, we both took each other for granted? I’ve had a pleasant experience with both this whole time up until recently. Nothing has changed on my end with deliveries or how I speak to them, which is why I asked if the interface changed for the buyer at all because not seeing my message or delivery and becoming extremely hostile to the point of getting CS involved is a huge random red flag.


I’m not sure either. Granted it is only 2, but to have this happen back to back in the span of 2 months is throwing me off a little bit because the rest of my returning customers are still ordering with ease as usual, seeing my messages and getting their deliveries. Don’t know what the issue with these 2 happened to be. One did apologize though. Albeit it was too late in my opinion, but she did. The other recognized he was in the wrong, but then got mad saying I should’ve been able to read his mind to know what he wanted. That alone left me puzzled lol. I’m not a mind reader.


Human beings are peculiar things.

Let me explain your situation by giving you an example of a real life situation I’ve had.

I was speeding and a cop pulled me over. I wasn’t going much over 5 over the limit. The cop writes me a ticket.

I was speeding, but this time I was talking to my dad on the phone, I was unaware of my speed. Cop pulls me over, but lets me go.

We lead footers, have a saying that it completely depends on the Cop’s mood, whether, he had a good dinner, or a nice time with his wife the night before, or whether she told him to go sleep on the sofa, many things affect the way they thing and act.

Short of the long is, maybe it really wasn’t you he was lashing out on, it was something else in his life.
Or maybe after dealing with you for so long, he simply expected that despite his error, you would catch it and automatically rectify it yourself.

Hope you feel me… :sunglasses:


I get what your saying now. They could have had issues going on outside of Fiverr. That’s understandable, because I recently had a personal family issue happen last week that left me in a very terrible mood and I did take it out on a buyer that was asking a ton of questions in the inbox lol. I professionally told them off, but it was still bad in my eyes. Once I realized what I did, I took a 24 break from Fiverr and my personal business and I let my partner handle everything business related for the moment.

For future instances, if this situation ever happens again, i’ll try to remember that.