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Returning Client wants to put order on hold for a month or so, is that possible on fiver?

I have a returning client and he says he has made order earlier, but wanted to hold the order some how.
I want to ask if that is possible?
What if I ask client to complete order now, release payment, and when client feels ready, he contact me again and then we start working on it, and submit actual work then.

What is the solution to this and what do you guyz recommend?

Please guide.

Well actually he started a new site, and wanted to do some task simultaneously, but the development is taking time, so he requested me to find some solution for this… he wants to hold the order or complete the order but deliver the actual files later.

You should never make an empty delivery. That will get you banned from Fiverr. Simply send an order extension to the buyer.

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Never do that! This is against Fiverr terms and conditions. you may get warnings and restrictions to your accounts. You can send custom offers and set delivery time as 30 days. if you buyer need more time, you can extend your order time by using resolution center


Sorry, I should have researched before posting.
I will take care of these things next time

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