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Returning Client with Big Expectations

Hello community, :slight_smile:

I did art for a client who placed an order without contacting me first and requested something that far exceeded what he paid for: the absolute minimum price. I still did the work simply because I thought their request looked cool/fun to work with (I know, my bad).

Not only did the client leave a fairly low score, but they came back with another order, again not contacting me first and for the lowest price, but this time requesting something far greater than before.

How do I explain them that their order is too big despite already having delivered them something big at the same price without sounding like I’m ripping them off?


I think you have to be honest and just explain it to the Buyer.

Remember, there are Buyers out there who think everyone here is so desperate for work that we’ll do anything for them.

You said yourself that although you went the extra mile for this Buyer, you got a low rating.

If I were you, I’d pass.

It’s not worth the aggravation.


Yeah, I went the extra mile and got burnt in return. Hahah, I’m still salty about it.

But “pass” how? I too want to not work for this client as well. But are you suggesting that I should just cancel the order, telling them I do not want to work with them? With what reason/excuse? Also, wouldn’t Fiverr screw me over for it?

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They have come back with another order.


I would lay it out for them as to what you are prepared to do, and what is going to cost them extra.

If the Buyer wants to cancel, then problem solved.

Yes, that will impact your stats, but only for a while.

I have had to cancel jobs for various reasons, but I still get work so don’t worry about it if this turns into a cancel.

You still need to stand your ground.

You are worth more than that.

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You are right.

What I told them right now is that they either need to pay more or change the requirements. Let’s see how it turns out.

Thank you for your advice!


Well done!

Let’s hope you don’t have any issues.

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I was wondering how low the score was… It turns out you’re not using this profile on fiverr. Anyways, I feel that you should cancel the order.

Depending on your overall :star: if one single bad review will bring it down significantly, you shouldn’t risk it. Because having a higher :star: score seems better than getting affected by the algorithm from cancellation… to other potential buyers.


His username is posho_ and the account is active.


A buyer who is demanding, cheap, and has already given you a low score? I’d have blocked them from making any future purchases once the original order was closed.


Do you suggest buyers who don’t want to return?

As I would have myself.

If it’s that 4* score, it’s not that bad. You can decide if it’s worth it.

Yes, the account is alive.

I would suggest blocking anyone with whom you would thoroughly detest working for again, particularly demanding, penny-pinching, and critical buyers.


I don’t know how to feel about other users snooping into my profile, but my profile link is the same I have on my forum account, like @matiasun said.


I didn’t know this. Is this true?

In this case, I did. It was I who accepted the order and did it without issues. Then everything changed when I saw the somewhat low score and when the client returned expecting more than before.

I’ve never blocked anyone on Fiverr yet. I guess haven’t experienced any true horror story just yet.
Would blocking anyone affect your stats?

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No. But there is the off chance that the blocked buyer goes berserk, turns being blocked into a personal vendetta, and starts creating alt accounts to try to damage your profile. But those are special cases of really “special” buyers.

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So good to read about! Many of us are professionals with years of experience.
Personally I want so much to work from fiverr and is the platform who matches to me.
Also I know that from fiverr I can work for projects (even a powder room) from around the world. As interior designer is a great feeling! E-design services is the future in my opinion.
Yesterday I was working for a project who the buyer was asking new adds after the order. Of course I make all the changes and he never left a review. It is better than a bad review.

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If you are a buyer, you see a seller with a lower :star: vs someone with a higher :star:… I think they will decide to go with the higher one.

You got a good score, don’t worry. It’s in your hands. If you’re not busy, I recommend finishing the order… Wait for the work to be mark “completed”, and block that particular seller afterwards.

That’s not a bad idea. That way I’m not cancelling any orders and the client won’t come back. I would just need to endure one mildly unfair order.

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I don’t know the reason for it, but the forum doesn’t display the underscore on usernames that have them, and it even adds a 1 to other usernames.