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Returning Customer Always Leaves 4 Star Reviews


Alright, Fiverr community. This drives me up the wall. I know 4 stars is not a bad review, I know it could be worse, etc. etc. so spare me the lecture on that. This is nothing more than a rant, and I’m also curious if any similar buyers out there can offer an insight as to the “why” behind it.

There are always the occasional buyers who leave a 4.7 star review for no reason other than they never leave perfect reviews, but a few months ago someone took this to the next level and they keep coming back.

I always deliver within a matter of hours, they never ask for revisions, they mark my order complete and leave me a four star review across the board.

Every time, I send them a nice message essentially saying, “Hey, I always want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want, I see you weren’t totally satisfied, what can I do to improve your experience next time?” and never get a response.

I also slip that in whenever they come back for another order - I respond immediately to say I’ll get their order done asap and mention that I noticed they weren’t totally satisfied before, so I want to make sure I deliver what they want this time around, etc. Nothing. Completely ignored, but always 4 stars.

This ticks me off to the point where I almost don’t even want his business anymore. It’s so stupid. If you like my work enough to come back as often as you do, why in the world do you have to keep leaving me a 4? Why do you ignore me every time I ask about it? I need these answers, Fiverr users. This is such a tiny thing but it’s infuriating.

What say ye, people? Any buyers out there do this? If so, WHY?!


Ha! I just wrote a post about the same thing! Great review - with 4 stars, and (3 stars - under would recommend or buy again…:neutral_face:)

And we don’t dare say the “R” word … for fear of being flagged :triangular_flag_on_post:


Most of them leave nice reviews, but the rating is always 4.4 or 4.7. You are not alone.


haha I just saw that! And yes, always have to be crafty when mentioning it to the buyer. We all know Fiverr will happily throw sellers under the bus as soon as any comment is made about it.


Yep. Always nice comments but 4 stars. Drives me nuts.


Could it be the 4.3/4.7 app bug?


Never heard of it - is that a thing? Regardless, I think this is pretty intentional…it’s always the same guy and he’s obviously ignoring my questions about it.


Yes - have a search on the forum to find out more. :slightly_smiling_face: