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Returning Customers

For newcomers making a sell is difficult and when it comes to getting returning customers it seems to be an uphill task. My personal experience is that if you deliver more than what customer expects , then you are going to get renewable customer base all through the year. And in case you offer free extra help to customer even after gig is closed you are going to rock ! I would invite all Fiverrians to share their experience on this crucial topic for getting fame & sell throughout the season. This will surely benefit new people coming to Fiverr platform.

Ah ha, very true, great technique! This technique will probably help with your Gig for “suggest 5 powerful domain names with logical reasons”.

That’s a good tip and one I’ve used since I started with Fiverr. I’ve had clients contact me to change a color on a design or to send them another file type well after the gig ended. I’ll send them the revision without the additional charge simply because I want them to remember me and return with future orders.

Completely agree. My 25% customers are repeaters and the fact behind this success is delivering more than they expected. And as a result of this, I always receive a tip.

It’s all about establishing a rapport with your customers. If a buyer feels that they have experienced good service and excellent results on a low budget then chances are that they will return.

Most of my clients return more than once when they see the results of their decision to order my gigs, just as I place multiple orders over time with favorite top sellers. Buyers return for years if you are great at what you do.

Thank you everybody for sharing your experiences !